Chorizo Omlette Recipe With Roast Capsicum and Potato


Chorizo omelette recipe with roast capsicum and potato. Perfect, quick and easy breakfast to get your day started right.

What you’ll need:

– 1 potato

– 1 chorizo sausage

– 1 red capsicum

– 2 eggs (free range organic of course)

– 50ml cream

– butter

– salt and pepper

– Rocket if desired

– Brown toast


Beat the eggs with a whisk and add the cream and salt and pepper.

Oil the capsicum and place in a medium oven for about ten minutes. Remove and place in a metal bowl covered in plastic and put in the fridge. As the capsicum cools the skin will be easy to remove with your fingers. Deseed and slice into small pieces.

Dice the potato and then boil until soft.

Slice the chorizo into small pieces and add to a cold pan without oil. Place on a medium heat until the fat has rendered. Add the cooked capsicum and the potato and cook until golden brown.

Add a knob of butter and then add the egg mix. Allow a skin to form on the underside and the roll down the pan to form a cigar shape. The key to whether the omelette will stick to the pan will be the amount of butter added and the quality of the pan. It is highly recommended to use a non stick Teflon coated pan or a well seasoned omelette pan.

Drizzle the remaining butter over the omelette to serve and garnish with dressed rocket if you desire.

Serve with a slice of good quality brown or rye toast

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